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Over the last 7 years, I have worked for different companies and organizations. I found misery at almost every turn in the workplace. Office gossip, low pay, no raises, bad management and lack of communication. I knew I wasn’t the only one experiencing the effects of the modern workplace. 

I wanted to create a supportive community. A place where people could connect and share ideas, get a better understanding of the modern workplace, and explore and solve problems pertaining to workplace issues. 

The Happy Work Week Community is a group of talent professionals learning to navigate the modern workplace and gaining a more positive perspective on our life and career. 

Each week we tackle the Work Week Challenge where we take small, simple actions to improve our life and career.

Each Sunday a new challenge is presented on Facebook Live ( 

Work Week Challenge

The Work Week Challenge helps people take small, simple actions to improve their life and career.  Each Sunday a new challenge is presented on Facebook Live (  

Join us Sunday - Wednesday on Facebook live at 1 PM EST to participate in the challenge each week. 

How Do You Participate?

  1. The first step is accepting the challenge.  Simple enough, right!
  2. Commit to completing the challenge.  You will have all week to do it!
  3. Join our Facebook community for support.  We are in this together!  

555 To Thrive

What Is 555 to Thrive?

My grandmother was a strong and loving woman that prayed for her family daily.  She always had an encouraging word for me when we spoke and reminded me how special I was to her and the world.  

The numbers 555 were my grandmothers favorite Lottery Pick 3. In honor of my grandmother, I created 555 to Thrive to continue to encouraging and empowering others and myself.   

How To Participate

Even the smallest commitment can make a tremendous impact in our lives.  You have the ability to encourage and empower others virtually or in person.   Remaining consistent to these easy steps can create massive results:

  1. Encourage and Empower 5 ​different people each day in-person or virtually
  2. Encourage and Empower yourself 5 times each day
  3. Take 5 actions toward completing your goals each day 

Accept the Challenge

Would you join me in spreading encouraging words?  One smile, one embrace, one simple word of encouragement can change someone's life.  Shine your light and commit to encouraging others on a daily basis.

Share a Word of Encouragement

If you know someone that fits the description of one of the post below, simply POST and TAG that person via Social Media.  I am sure it will bring a smile to their face.

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