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Our Vision

We believe it is possible to have a Happy Work Week not only on the individual level but the company as a whole.  We envision enjoyable workplaces across the globe where people align their hearts and minds with the company's mission and values.  

Our Mission

It is our belief that people neglect to see the true value they bring to a company.  The actual impact they are making each and every day.  We believe people have the freedom to create a career path where they view work from a place of impact instead of obligation leaving them feeling fulfilled and not forced. It's possible for people and organizations to work together to create an enjoyable and thriving workplace no matter if the company is starting from the ground up or already in existence. That's why it is our mission to provide coaching and training that strengthen people and organizations to serve with purpose and build winning cultures.

Our Values

"The Why" - We value why we serve.   We value helping professionals 'Work with Purpose', companies 'Build Stronger Teams', and individuals 'Own their Greatness'. ​ 

"The Who" - We value who we serve.   ​ We value individuals that are ready to find their freedom from within and begin to thrive in their life and career. We value small businesses that desire to strengthen their people and creating an experience within their organization. ​​ 

"The How" - We value how we are making an impact. ​ We value focusing on the unique needs of each individual client. We are passionate about developing people and building thriving cultures.  

Our Certifications

Master Certified Coach

Certified Career Coach

Certified Group Coach

Certified Laser Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified Professional Coach

A Word About Happy Work Week

Hello there.  I’m Quianna Rodriguez and Founder of Happy Work Week.  If “happy” and “work week” sounds like an oxymoron, let me explain.    

I created Happy Work Week because I was tired of having a sad, miserable, and exhausting work week.  It was in 2012 that I began to really feel the negative effects of the modern workplace.    

It seemed impossible to go to work and actually enjoy being there much less to enjoy what I was doing.  

Overall, I was just tired. Tired of leadership and companies that:

  • had ineffective management practices  
  • lacked the ability to effectively communicate with employees  
  • was too afraid to fight for all the individuals who worked so hard to keep the company running  
  • neglected to address problem areas which caused additional stress on employees and loss of revenue for companies  
  • preferred to micromanage instead of trusting the employees’ abilities  
  • laid off loyal employees to higher less experienced people at a lower rate – or even worse, not hiring a replacement and burdening everyone else with a heavier workload without a pay increase

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I’m not done.  It gets worse.  

Let’s talk about co-workers.  The gossip, lack of work ethic, and abandoning the team for selfish gain all contributed to the already toxic work environment and created more work for everyone!    

I was stressed out, unhappy, and ready to quit.  I dreaded Monday Morning not to mention, I felt like I never had enough time outside of work.  

There had to be a way to balance between employee engagement and company culture.

A 2015 Gallup Report reveals that managers who are not engaged or actively disengaged cost the U.S. economy $319B to $398B annually.  With billions left on the table, it is imperative that more companies take a closer look at not only what is causing management to be disengaged, but what is causing the disconnect between their managers and employees.  This staggering statistic speaks volumes to how building an engaged workforce affects overall profit margins.   

Many companies find it difficult to properly address this issue.

Since the creation of Happy Work Week in 2015, I've provided coaching and training that strengthen people and organizations to serve with purpose and build winning cultures.  By utilizing group coaching, individual coaching, workshops, and leadership development, I ensure both people and organizations are working together to create a positive work experience.  YOU possess the POWER to experience a Happy Work Week and I have the tools to help you unleash it!  

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Katie R. - Charlotte, NC

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Quianna over the past month. We decided that a package of five sessions would match my needs and we went well above and beyond what I was expecting to get out of our meetings!  

Not only did Quianna help me narrow down which field I should be looking for a career in, but she also helped me discover what motivates me professionally and why I was so unhappy in my previous position. An awesome part of her approach is how she starts with the foundation of who you are. I hadn't wanted to admit that I was severely lacking in professional confidence. However, she encouraged me to tackle that head on before we began talking about a new career field and those initial discussions were immensely helpful.   

Logistically speaking, scheduling and communicating with Quianna between sessions was very easy as well. Over the course of our sessions, I contacted her via text message, phone call and email and she was always very prompt and friendly in her replies.   

On a personal level, I truly enjoyed working with Quianna. She was incredibly warm and understanding and made me feel that I could be comfortable and open with her about what I was looking for and how I felt about my new job search. Not only did she help me before I began looking for a new job in a new field, but I believe that she can help others with any variety of questions or problems about their current or future work experiences."  

LaShawnda W. - Detroit, MI

"Happy Work Week helped me with my Professional Development in a toxic environment where morale was very low. Happy Work Week helped change my way of thinking and provided me with the tools to excel into another position where I am ever so happy and making a positive impact in my new working environment. I highly recommend Happy Work Week for employees and employers! The change you will see in you and your organization will be DYNAMIC!"  

Sidney A. - Tampa, FL

The most professional resume I ever had since moving down to Charlotte.   Multiple job opportunities opened since my resume was updated and career coaching helped prepare me for the interview.  I accepted a job offer with a Fortune 500 company and through continued assistance with Professional Development by Happy Work Week, I was recently promoted.  Quianna is very attentive to details and I would recommend her to anyone."  

Regina M. - Washington, DC

"Coach Quianna is a phenomenal coach. She always brings an energy of empowerment, liberation, and assurance into our sessions that is contagious. By the end of our sessions, I always come away knowing that I am prepared and energized for the week ahead and accomplishing my plan. Since our first session, I have come a long away and I'm well on my way to accomplishing my goals. Thanks Coach Q"   

Jarvis R. - Charlotte, NC

 "I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I interviewed for a new position and I was offered the Job 2 days ago. I cannot thank you enough. That Resume really open doors for me! Now I will be making more money than I've ever made in my life. I am working 7:00am to 3:30pm I am getting a company Blackberry, My own office, and Business cards."  


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