Find out what people are saying about Happy Work Week.

Katie R. - Charlotte, NC

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Quianna over the past month. We decided that a package of five sessions would match my needs and we went well above and beyond what I was expecting to get out of our meetings!  

Not only did Quianna help me narrow down which field I should be looking for a career in, but she also helped me discover what motivates me professionally and why I was so unhappy in my previous position. An awesome part of her approach is how she starts with the foundation of who you are. I hadn't wanted to admit that I was severely lacking in professional confidence. However, she encouraged me to tackle that head on before we began talking about a new career field and those initial discussions were immensely helpful.


Logistically speaking, scheduling and communicating with Quianna between sessions was very easy as well. Over the course of our sessions, I contacted her via text message, phone call and email and she was always very prompt and friendly in her replies.


On a personal level, I truly enjoyed working with Quianna. She was incredibly warm and understanding and made me feel that I could be comfortable and open with her about what I was looking for and how I felt about my new job search. Not only did she help me before I began looking for a new job in a new field, but I believe that she can help others with any variety of questions or problems about their current or future work experiences."  

LaShawnda W. - Detroit, MI

"Happy Work Week helped me with my Professional Development in a toxic environment where morale was very low. Happy Work Week helped change my way of thinking and provided me with the tools to excel into another position where I am ever so happy and making a positive impact in my new working environment. I highly recommend Happy Work Week for employees and employers! The change you will see in you and your organization will be DYNAMIC!"

Sidney A. - Tampa, FL

“The most professional resume I ever had since moving down to Charlotte.   Multiple job opportunities opened since my resume was updated and career coaching helped prepare me for the interview.  I accepted a job offer with a Fortune 500 company and through continued assistance with Professional Development by Happy Work Week, I was recently promoted.  Quianna is very attentive to details and I would recommend her to anyone."  

Regina M. - Washington, D.C.

“Coach Quianna is a phenomenal coach. She always brings an energy of empowerment, liberation, and assurance into our sessions that is contagious. By the end of our sessions, I always come away knowing that I am prepared and energized for the week ahead and accomplishing my plan. Since our first session, I have come a long away and I'm well on my way to accomplishing my goals. Thanks Coach Q"   

Jarvis R. - Charlotte, NC

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I interviewed for a new position and I was offered the Job 2 days ago. I cannot thank you enough. That Resume really open doors for me! Now I will be making more money than I've ever made in my life. I am working 7:00am to 3:30pm I am getting a company Blackberry, My own office, and Business cards."  


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